Destroying private data securely

Safe and certified data destruction

Destroying private data securely

Safe and certified data destruction

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Privacy should always be ‘private’ and our data destruction methods match NCSC standards. We provide both onsite and offsite services, from granulation, decommission and full industrial scale wiping.

Why Data Destruction Matters

Modern technology makes data vulnerable. Deleting, removing and backing up files from hard disk drives and storage devices, leaves information at risk. Electrowaste carry our data erasure with secure methods including NCSC standards. Encrpytion, degaussing, formatting and multi-level wiping are part of the process but some clients prefer physical destruction as well.

We make sure that data is completely removed with physical and virtual checks, including the removal of asset tags, stickers and bios information which could lead back to you or your company. It’s part of our guarantee and provision to comply with General Data Protection Regulations.

Media wiping
Hard Drive Destruction

Why should you use our Data Destruction services?

  • We provide onsite and offsite destruction.
  • We work with several industrial third parties to provide maximum security.
  • Our pricing structure is second to none. Simple to understand and competitive.
  • We provide serial auditing for your equipment.

Usually we’ll arrange for a granulation vehicle to accompany us onto your premises. This is for maximum privacy. We carry out a full audit on site of all equipment to be destroyed and provide traceable paperwork as to what equipment, serials and tags have been removed.

Every project or job for us is different. For data destruction it depends on what your company requires. Our quotes are personally tailored to your specification, but rest assured our competitive pricing and methodical services are key to why we believe you’ll choose us from day one.