Helping charities throughout the UK


Free Charity WEEE Services

Helping charities throughout the UK


Free Charity WEEE Services

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We regularly assist charities with a constant stream of revenue and free assistance with responsible disposal and secure data destruction services.

We provide charities not only a complimentary service but we also provide a continuous revenue by purchasing large quantities of WEEE.

What WEEE do we collect?

Electrogroup collect, recycle and dispose of WEEE from charities around the UK, processing it correctly to ensure that Hazardous Waste is dealt with accordingly and any data destroyed to a NCSC UK government standard. WEEE can be expensive to remove but our charity service provides a cost free-effective and simple method of recycling your hardware.  We collect all technology, IT equipment and redundant computing ware.

What Happens Next?

After collection, we document and process the WEEE equipment, auditing it and removing any physical and virtual links which could be traced back to the contributor.  With Secure data destruction we destroy all hard drives and media storage that may have come with it and send you certificates and a detailed audit of what equipment you gave us.

Electrogroup - Computer systems
Electrogroup -WEEE CCTV

Key Benefits of our Charitable WEEE service?

WEEE can be a continuous problem charities continue to face and here at Electrogroup we offer not only a solution but we turn this problem in to a regular revenue stream.

  • We do all the work: (collection, paperwork, removal, auditing)
  • You’ll free up essential space and comply with WEEE legislation
  • You end up with all the necessary paper trails and documentation
  • We include NCSC data destruction as standard.
  • You charity will profit with regular purchasing of your WEEE

Our charity service is 100% free of charge

Laptops, Computers, PC’s, Printers, Monitors, Storage, Media, Networking gear, Servers, Server Racks, Mice, Keyboards, Cables and other IT hardware are all accepted.

We remove sundries and specialist equipment too, but you will need to inform us what we will be carrying on board, so we can separate hazardous from non-hazardous material.

When we’ve worked out collection dates you will usually receive your WEEE certificates and documentation within 7-10 working days.

All of our documentation including certificates, paperwork and audits are given digitally. We may require you to log in via our website to download your documentation but more often than not it is sent via secure email services.