Our story

Helping businesses across the UK

Our story

Helping businesses across the UK

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Where we began
With 15 years combined experience, we outgrew the simple service we once was. Now, we’re Electrogroup, a company whose goal is to provide beneficial IT solutions which bridge the gap between complexity and cost.

We originally started as a small company providing WEEE collections for local clients and SME’s. With growing concern for new regulations, especially those surrounding Brexit, we found that companies were looking to change their existing strategies and redevelop the way their techology helps them. What once used to be Electrowaste, is now a growing company which provides effective IT solutions, from modern IT installation to on site support and WEEE removal. We call it our core Asset Management service and today it has helped and is helping hundreds of companies throughout the UK develop, transform and lead.

Our Managerial Team
Key transformational services and innovation that brings the breadth of our experience and industry knowledge.
Jamie Garnett

A keen and enthusiastic team player, Jamie leads up the Business Strategy covering many tasks from onsite support and field engineering to paperwork and and documentation

0330 122 1569


Mark Bonito

A fitness and nutrition enthusiast, Mark leads in Business planning, Strategy and IT development. With excellent technical expertise you’ll find him onsite providing field engineering, IT support services and brokering technical sales.

0330 122 1569


Company Ethics

We have a strong client-centric focus which gives us a clear vision about who our goal is for and what we’re aiming to achieve for them.

We strive to give excellent advice and support based on our experiences and expertise within the Deployment field, as well as communicate clear information to our customers about solutions which could help them. We work alongside various established companies who provide us support in many fields and this gives us an advantage to complete large scale projects by utilising all of our resources when we require them the most.

How can we help?

Our business works Monday – Friday 09:00am – 17:00pm. We carry out projects outside of these working hours as well. You can phone us on 0330 122 1569 or alternatively email us hello@Electrogroup.co.uk

You’ll also find us on social media via: LinkedIn or Facebook, where you’ll find examples of the projects we’re currently working on and other information about the services we carry out first hand. You are welcome to contact us via these methods too.


Our asset management services are professional, friendly and efficient. From start to finish we carry out our work with pride and accomplishment.


We forge new relations and help clients turn simple plans into structured IT solutions.


Our It services help our clients bridge the gap between complexity and cost. We’re on site providing technical help to ensure maximum workforce productivity.